Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me - TV Tropes
Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me - TV Tropes
The Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me trope as used in popular culture. Metal or wood for personal protection - not those fancy crackly deflecting bubble …

The actual tune of Kite's whistle is called " In the dubbed version, the song he whistles is more of a Western theme, like a cowboy does when he is about to Duel, which may be a reference to Kite exhibits some level of religious affiliation in the Japanese version. He eventually decides on a two-handed sword, reasoning that his natural agility is more valuable than a shield he doesn't know how to use properly. He announces his arrival by whistling which tends to frighten the person he is about to Duel. Therefore he stopped the Duel and went to help his brother. Whenever a warrior's shield is splintered, he can stop to take another one.

Paladins can use a skill called "shield boomerang" (no points for guessing what it does). Although he goes along with Kite's words, Hart can see through him and understands what Kite was doing for him. Kite is the first rival with a 3000 ATK ace monster to have never been defeated by the respective main character in the anime series it debuted in. He was quite surprised that Mizar chose to take the damage inflicted by "Sargasso" rather than avoid it with " ", but Mizar stated that he wanted to fight Kite equally as a "Galaxy-Eyes Master", something that pleased Kite. Amused and smiling, Kite says it was none of his business, but Yuma then revealed his real wish - to Duel Kite again to settle their score.

Pretty useful, since quite a few of the available arms didn't have hands. After Orbital returned from his Duel with Yuma, Kite was waiting for him and told him that his Dueling was still "soft" before leaving. Kite accepted, wanting to finish his confrontation with both Yuma and Astral. Even Saber's Excalibur, one of the stronger offensive Noble Phantasms in the story, was deflected. The downside to this is shields have durability in this game, and if the shield breaks it is gone for good, so one may end up having to spend a lot of money re-equiping the Myrmidon, and once their shield is broken, the Myrmidon is pretty much crippled for the fight. They alo have a useful secondary function as a surprisingly effective , and learning how to use a shield is a separate skill from both weapons and armor use. Fortunately they're not super strong and enough continuous hits to the shield will push it aside, leaving them vulnerable. After their first Duel, Yuma became depressed over his near loss and developed a fear of Kite, though this was short-lived and Yuma become more confident when facing Kite, despite knowing the dangers. During the opening day of the tournament, Kite continued collecting the "Numbers", even taking on two "Number" holders at once in a two-vs-one Duel. As a result, whenever they raided white settlements they would try to get their hands on any - groups such as early Germanics had spiked bosses (the metal part on the centre of the shield face), though whether this was for catching enemy blades or for jamming into enemy faces is debated.

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Kite Tenjo, known as Kaito Tenjo (天(てん)城(じょう) カイト, Tenjō Kaito) in the manga and Japanese... Tower kite shield vs knight shield design DVMPE - TV FAN PODCASTINGIt's not just TV! The DVMPE also produces podcasts covering a wide range of Popular and Geek Culture: movies, music, comic books, gaming and much more!

With his vision becoming blurry, he departed on Orbital's motorcycle form. Yuma agreed to that, but Kite then told him that it's not Yuma he's looking forward to defeating - it is During the opening ceremonies of the finals, Kite exchanged glances with Quinton, and told Orbital 7 to freeze time in order to scan for "Numbers" in the ", saying he has no time to deal with people who do not possess "Numbers", while Dextra whispered for him not to push himself. Kite offered to take Yuma's place, keeping his current Life Point value of 2500, which Mizar agreed to, wanting to match their " ". Wanting to help Kite and Yuma, Hart used his powers to lower the Sphere Field closer to the field, letting Yuma and Astral. Levamerica had a tiny wrist-mounted shield but got a giant one on Independence day 2015 after being hammered by Leah Von has portable forcefield generators that look like bucklers and shields.

It struck the sevenfold shield in its outermost layer- the eighth, which was of bronze- and went through six of the layers but in the seventh hide it stayed. It's DEF of 2,600 can withstand most attacks, but if it blocks an attack, it shifts to Attack Position, where it's almost powerless. After arguing, the two agreed to work together to save Yuma and Hart. The New Conglomerate's tank, the Vanguard, can activate an all-encompassing energy shield which makes it invincible for up to 7 seconds, though it likewise disables weapon fire. Though you can parry melee blows with any other melee weapon, a shield is your only bet for stopping , and, if subject to too much abuse, will break (though they'll be back in your inventory perfectly repaired after the battle).

Kite and Astral show silent, mutual respect for each other, but couldn't converse since he couldn't see or hear Astral. Yuma, wanting to save Ray, suggested they go to the , which Shark agreed to, but Kite informed them that they have no possible way to access it. However, the season finale has a massive battle that is shield wall vs shield wall. The jungles provide decent cover, and a larger shield, would make a bigger target. He is also able to read the alternate language the "Numbers" are written in, which only Astral and those possessed by "Numbers" can read. The special abilities include bashing enemies with them, becoming immune to flanking, reducing damage, and further increasing the evasion rate, amongst others. Battles between Viking factions are fought with a shield wall clashing against shield wall and breaking the enemy shield wall being the key to victory. They tend to waver between this and [Hector] poised his spear as he spoke, and hurled it from him. Elves and Humans equipped with a shield can use the Charge skill to deliver a high-powered shield-bash, knocking-back and stunning the enemy (Giants do not need a shield to use Charge, due to their size). Perseus using his shield as a mirror in order to kill Medusa without having to look at her is an example from makes particular mention of shields during various exchanges in the Trojan War, such as this battle between Hector and Ajax Telamonian.

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