Negative Ovulation Tests= PREGNANT??? | Mom Answers ...
Negative Ovulation Tests= PREGNANT??? | Mom Answers ...
15 Feb 2013 ... Actually with OPK's you can use them to catch a pregnancy if you are in fact pregnant, but it is not recommended. ... However, only a HPT can appear positive only in the presence of hCG, meaning you would be pregnant if you get a BFP

8 weeks pregnant, positive hpt but opk still negative - BabyCenter
I am just over 8 weeks pregnant and I have heard that if you are pregnant you will get a positive on an opk as well as a hpt. I had some leftover opk tests so I decided to try it and it is coming up negative, could this mean I had a miscarriage and the Does a negative ovulation test mean your not pregnant Does a negative pregnancy test mean I'm not pregnant? - OviaThe short answer is no, a negative pregnancy test does not mean you are not pregnant. If you've missed your period and ... You may be able to test as early as 10 days after ovulation, but it usually takes an average of 13-15 days after ovulation and fert
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