Gut bacteria invading colon lining linked to type 2 diabetes
Gut bacteria invading colon lining linked to type 2 diabetes
31 May 2017 ... A link has been found between type 2 diabetes and bacteria invading the lining of the colon, researchers have said. A US study has been looking at how people develop metabolic syndrome, a term used to describe the presence of factors in

Blocking gut bacteria linked to type 2 diabetes risk factors could be ...
5 Jul 2017 ... A new study, investigating links between gut bacteria and type 2 diabetes risks, has found that altering the microbiome can lower insulin resistance and change fat tissue metabolism. The findings suggest that blocking gut bacteria from p Type 2 diabetes and gut bacteria symptoms Gut bacteria compound may help to prevent type 2 diabetes12 Apr 2017 ... Higher blood levels of a metabolite made by gut bacteria that increases with a fiber-rich diet may protect against type 2 diabetes, study finds.
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