Taking Viagra throgh Rectal Insertion - Matters of Size
Taking Viagra throgh Rectal Insertion - Matters of Size
Serious question, since you need to take viagra on empty stomach (3 hours no food), sometimes this is not possible. In those cases, is it okay to take it through anus? I heard other medications work much faster this way and cause less nausea etc in fac

Powderized Viagra not sublingual but rectal? - Sexual Dysfunction ...
17 Dec 2002 ... Hi fellows, First: English is not my native language, so please don't be too strict with my grammar. As you can see in the subject, I wonder if it's possible to powderize Viagra and use it rectal. As a matter of principle it should work Intrarectal viagra Rectal administration - WikipediaRectal administration uses the rectum as a route of administration for medication and other fluids, which are absorbed by the rectum's blood vessels, and flow into the body's circulatory system, which distributes the drug to the body's organs and bodil
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