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And I wasn’t spending a lot of time on the consulting work, 10 hours a week. So it’s difficult not to think about some of those things, I mean, I think about an apparel line. But yoga’s a very specific form of fitness, and it’s not for everybody. The problem with the first class was that it tried to do way too much. Universal Studios, the University of Texas at Austin, the US Army, and other large organizations.

And I believe that if we open the door, sort of, if you build it, they will come. I’ve done interviews now with at least a dozen entrepreneurs who’ve gone through accelerator programs, and I keep asking them, “Why did you join? What did you get out of it?” Because if all that it is is about the money, $20 000, you could put that on your credit card and start your company. So instead of trying to impose my own ideas of success or what I wanted to do, I just listened. And I firmly believe, you know, that everything happens for a reason. We are still in the process of doing that.

And I think we’ve lost that here, just because marketing has taken over. How do you do it in a program like this and still let people know, this is valuable, what I’ve just given you, this is an extra bonus that’s extra valuable? : Yeah, it’s definitely not as objective. I mean, everything from Google AdWords to just getting traffic to a website, I think, has been a help. It’s common sense, but I’ve got to tell you that even basic shopping cart software is hard to find, and it’s hard to figure out which is the right one. So, I’m so excited that I get to actually even talk to him again after that last interview, and we’ve exchanged emails, but now I’m going to have a real long conversation with you again. I think your typical gym purposely signs up more people than they can really truly handle, because they know, and they count on the fact that 80% of those people are not going to be there. Are there certain things that you’re catching yourself, now, repeat, even though that they’re mistakes that you’ve made in the past? What are they? : Yeah. What does that mean, to be still for a few months? : To have an open mind. You gave me a lot of encouragement, because I had actually been asked to speak at a few universities. Those are people who want the stress relief, they want the peace.

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I’ve been doing yoga for close to eight years. We had 20 new coaches come to us in the first couple of months. You said, through the relationship with the pastor and other things, you ended up on this new path. I viewed it as here’s God smacking me in the side of the head and saying, “Luke, I’ve got something, I’ve got a bigger mission for you, I’ve got something else that I want you to do. What we’ve found is that the reason that people don’t stick with gyms – you know, it’s like anything.

Long story short, we end up becoming workout partners. He’s affordable, responds fast, doesn’t charge you for five-minute phone calls, and always gives great advice. One of them was a software company, and they put the E at the end of it. Because I think that we see the future, and we see what ActivPrayer could be, 10, 15 years from now. And I think we’ve got to the point now, we’ve got some individuals that I think are a good fit, and we haven’t brought them in yet, but we’re probably going to do that soon.

Here’s what Neil Patel, founder of KISSMetrics, says about Scott. What was it like for you after you talked publicly? : It was a very similar experience. But I’ve never once trained anyone in my entire life. But I think the way we do it is focusing on each individual. They hired me to basically come in and make recommendations on how they could get their business in order. It is great to hear from your perspective how you worked out of it and on to the next thing God was preparing you for. And they can have short-term success, but we’re not interested in giving people short-term success. And people said, “Wwow, that’s a great idea, Luke, but you know, you just closed up FitFuel, shouldn’t you take some time?” And I realized they were absolutely right. But I think that everybody basically said that it was something that when they saw it, they immediately felt as if it was something that they had to do or were called to do, almost as if it was already there and we had just awakened it, in other words. But now that we’re to the point where we want to start training people and holding national workshops to train instructors on a mass scale, we’re going to need some capital.

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